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What our Clients are saying about Barefoot Bliss Massage (Ashiatsu)....

I've been looking for a massage therapist that can do Ashiatsu (barefoot massage) for years and was excited that Tiffany does them. She is phenomenal where you float out of the room! I recommend this type of massage to everyone and Tiffany does a fantastic job!

Clean sanitized feet are used to provide deep slow compressive strokes.  This deep direct pressure to the muscle helps to lengthen and soften chronically tight tissues eliminating pain and stress.  The larger surface area of the foot allows for consistent compression of adhesions, trigger points, and chronically tight muscles  providing for a  deeply relaxing massage.  Do Keep In Mind Barefoot Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage is not for everyone.  Your therapist will help you decide if this Massage is right for you.   Call Us At 803.938.9000 to make your appointment. (Returns June 2018)

BareFoot Bliss Massage


The comfort of a Swedish Massage with the ability to give the

DEEPEST Massage you have ever experienced

Deeper than Traditional Deep Tissue. Your Therapist uses overhead support bars to provide deep smooth gliding strokes with their feet. A massage like no other. Once you go Barefoot nothing compares.