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Solely Up to You: An Experience Like no other...Want a few more minutes on your scalp? Don't know if you would enjoy reflexology? It’s Solely Up to You. This integrative massage combines several modalities for the Ultimate Catered Experience.  Eliminate your pain and stress with a combination of our  Signature Massage, Soleology, Trigger Point, or Sports Therapy .....................................| 1.5 hours $145 | 2 hours  $225 | 

            Treatment Descriptions

Body & Sole Signature Massage (Swedish): This customized full body
massage is tailored to fit your specific needs. Used to promote general relaxation, improve circulation, and relieve muscle tension.
(Integrate into your Solely Up To You up to 2 hours)

Deep Tissue Massage: Helps release muscle spasms and ease chronic patterns of muscle tension associated with stress and chronic injuries. Useful for problem areas or for those who appreciate deeper pressure

Soleology (Our version of Reflexology): Based on an ancient healing science take your sole to another level with this ultimate service.  Relax your mind and body while your therapist presses specific reflex areas on your feet and hands to speed healing, decrease pain, increase circulation and detoxify. A true treat for your sole

(​Integrate into your Solely Up To You up to 2 hours)

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